1)      60 minute games (Tournament Must Stay on Schedule)


2)       Two 12-minute stop periods, 3rd period will be half the remaining time in the 60 minutes, stop time. (All game times must be consistent. Period times are to be either stop time or running time, but NOT a combination of both.)


3)       If at any time in the 3rd period there is a 6 goal differential, the game will go to run time.  Should the differential ball back below 6 goals, the clock will revert back to stop time.


4)       Each team is allowed on (1) thirty (30) second time out per game.


5)       Four penalties: after the fourth penalty the player will be ejected from the game.


  1. a.       ****REC DIVISION ONLY*** Three goal per player limit per game.  Fourth goal will be disallowed and a 2 minute “misconduct” penalty will be assessed.


6)       Regular round-robin games can end in a tie:


  1. a.       Tie breakers to determine placement for championship games after round robin play: Points (W=2, L=0, T=1); Head to Head; GF; GA; PIM; coin toss


7)       Tie breakers for Championship games only: 5 minute stop time OT period and then a three (3) person shoot out if still tied after OT.


8)       All players and coaches must be USA Hockey registered.


9)       Please bring USA Hockey card and/or photo ID.  Please be prepared to show ID and to check-in/sign-in prior to each game.


10)   Sign/print legibly on the score sheet prior to each game (Note: Team reps are responsible for crossing out any player that is not playing in a game from the roster.  This is to verify the 10/14 rule for National Bound teams.  This is to be done BEFORE the teams hit the ice for their game.)


11)   Teams may pick up additional player(s) at the tournament only within their own level of play to make a total count of ten (10) players. These additional players must play in at least two round-robin games in the same tournament for that same team in order to be eligible to play in any championship games for that same team that is not their normal rostered team.


  1. a.       A team picking up a higher level player to play in a lower level division to make 9 or 10 players is not permitted to choose a clearly superior player. Any team picking up player(s) that are an inappropriate level player(s), may face sanctions as deemed appropriate by the current Board Governors. These inappropriate level players may be removed from play by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the current Board of Governors, including the President.


  1. b.       Team Captains/Alternate Captains are to meet prior to the start of each game to inform opposing team of any players that are playing up or down.



12)   All teams are required to play their scheduled games. If a team chooses not to play a game, as listed on the tournament schedule, that team will be responsible to reimburse the FWHL the entire cost of the hour(s) of ice not used (including refs and scorekeepers).

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